Speech Plus Services

Speech Plus is a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center serving children birth through high school with communication and learning challenges. We offer a broad spectrum of services and programs highlighted by excellence in service, quality of care and dedicated professionals.

Speech-Language Evaluation and Therapy

Speech Evaluation and Speech Therapy

A Speech-Language Evaluation can determine whether your child's speech is developing normally, and whether or not speech therapy is needed. Based on evaluation results, we develop and implement an individualized therapy plan to meet each child's needs. Therapy progress and techniques are continually updated and shared with the family to ensure communication and learning success. A treatment plan may also be developed from a recent evaluation and/or current IEP goals.

Language Literacy Evaluation

For more information on this program please call Speech Plus at (815) 464-6069.

ChatterBugs, speech therapy for preschoolers

ChatterBugs speech-language therapy for preschoolers focuses on the early identification and treatment of speech and language difficulties in children 3 to 5 years of age. Research shows early speech and language delays can lead to later difficulties learning to read, write and spell.

Stuttering Therapy

Not all speech-language pathologists are trained to work with children and adults who stutter. Speech Plus offers therapy with a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency and Fluency Disorders. 

Social Thinking®

Social Thinking® Groups

Based on the work of world-renowned expert Michelle Garcia Winner, Speech Plus brings together students of similar ages and abilities for weekly group therapy sessions. For most of us, interacting with other people comes naturally. Students with social cognitive disabilities often lack this innate ability to think through and succeed in everyday social situations. For them, Social Thinking® must be learned and practiced.

Fast ForWord® Family of Programs

Fast ForWord® Programs

Based on over 30 years of scientific research on how the brain learns, the Fast ForWord® family of products are designed to help elementary, middle and high school students develop and strengthen memory and sequencing skills, attention, auditory processing, processing speed and the language skills essential for academic success. Your student can participate at home under parent supervision or in our clinic.

Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant trains the brain to process information more efficiently, which improves reading fluency – the ability to read with sufficient ease and accuracy so that one can focus on the meaning of the text. Your student can participate at home under parent supervision or in our clinic.

Educational Therapy

Wilson Reading System®

The Wilson Reading System® is a nationally recognized and researched reading program based on the Orton Gillingham philosophy and principles. It is a complete curriculum for teaching decoding and encoding (spelling). It has proven highly successful with students who have difficulty with traditional reading instruction.

Handwriting Without Tears

The Handwriting Without Tears printing and cursive programs draw from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies.

Math Intervention

In many cases skills a child has learned previously in school have not been mastered before new information has been introduced, leaving the child confused, frustrated and feeling "left behind". Our educational specialists strive to help your child become confident and independent in their math skills. Speech Plus math specialists will develop broad concepts or just fine tune your child's math skills.

Individual Educational Therapy

Our master's level education specialist will develop and implement a plan of action according to your child's needs and learning style.

Summer Programs

Learn more about our Summer Programs

Our speech, language and/or learning summer program will customize a speech, language and/or learning treatment plan tailored to your child's needs. Away from the demands of the school year, summer is a perfect time to build new speech, language and learning skills – and reinforce those previously learned. No evaluation is required with a current evaluation or IEP goals.